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the task An attention-grabbing fall campaign was developed for TLC, which reflects the various emotions of the channel and individual program colors. The aim is to appeal to middle-aged women in particular with a combination of fun and emotion, and to get stuck in their heads.

The solution An emoji says more than 1000 words! Emoji heads, which were placed on the heads of the actors through 3D tracking, were the vehicles for strikingly staging a variety of feelings in different life situations. To address the target audience in multiple ways, the campaign includes print, radio, social media, as well as video assets for TV advertising. Below are drafts of the campaign production.

A magazine advertisement showing five people with emoji heads in different situations with various emotions.
Keyvisual for print assets
A yellow emoji that is winking and showing the tongue.
A grey emoji that i shocked and the head exlpodes.
A turquoise emoji with a heart kiss.
A turquoise emoji with heart eyes.
A yellow emoji that smiles.
A red emoji which is ashamed and has huge eyes.

Post Production

All smiley faces were tracked into the video after the shoot.

Four friends with different emotions watching tv on the couch.
Three friends with smiley heads with different emotions watching tv on the couch.
A person with a smiley head carrying a cake with candles.
A married couple with smiley heads entering their flat. The husband is carrying his bride.
A woman with a smiley face and halo carrying a dog while crossing the street.
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