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Sky Sport

Formula 1

the Task Sky Sport gave MONKEY the task to promote the new Formula 1 season through an innovative organic social media campaign while tapping into a younger target audience.

The solution We created AR fan filters for each team and several AR games and challenges. Through the filters, SKY strengthens its own brand and at the same time gives Formula 1 fans a tool to showcase their passion on social media. In this way, Sky has managed to transform the dispersed TV audience of Formula 1 fans into an active community.

Fan Filter

In our fan filters, fans sit in the cockpit of their favorite team's Formula 1 racing car. The software tracks the head movements of the users and they can close the visor of the helmet or speed up. The ideal tool to show your support as a fan.

Nose Race Game

In the Grand Prix Game you can drive some of the most famous Grand Prix tracks, whether Monaco, Imola or Silverstone. The challenge is to drive a complete lap without touching the track boundary. The car is programmed to follow the nose of the user.

Overtaking Game

How many opponents can you overtake before you crash? Through tracked head movements the player can steer the Sky F1 car. The car gets faster over time and thus the game gets more difficult.

Pit-Stop Challenge

The average pit stop in Formula 1 lasts 2.1 seconds. Sky challenges the community with this filter to solve a creative task in the same time.

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