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The task The 2020/21 soccer season – in times of Corona, soccer has become a lonely experience in front of the TV. Millions of fans are unable to visit stadiums. At the same time, fans' need for community remains. MONKEY was given the task by Sky Sport to draw attention to the new soccer season and activate a younger target group.

the solution We transformed »social distancing« into »social togetherness« with a holistic campaign consisting of the creation of branded assets and the development of augmented reality filters for Instagram and Facebook. From the initial sketches to the programming and animation, we had one core task: How do we create visually captivating filters that users love to use, clubs like, and still have a connection to Sky Sport?


First, we developed a new branding for the on-air design of Sky Sport as well as for the Instagram channel. The concept here is drawings and notes on the whiteboard that are created during game tactic discussions in the players' dressing room.

Change Social Distancing into social togetherness

To activate the community we programmed a filter game. The mechanics: How often can you bounce the ball on your head before it falls down?

Promo Filters

We developed special backgrounds for Instagram Stories in the campaign's branding, which the Sky Sport hosts and influencers can use to create a visual connection between social media and the on-air design.

Face Filters

In addition to the mascot filters, we have designed face filters for all 18 Bundesliga clubs. Each filter reflects the unique soul of the respective clubs with individual design and original chants from the fan curve.

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