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Red Bull


The Task Red Bull Reign is a global 3 vs. 3 streetball tournament. MONKEY was given the task by Red Bull to promote the tournament on all channels and generate attention.   

The solution In a 3 on 3 tournament every single player counts. We made it our business to show streetball not only as a sport, but as a way of life with the people behind it. Three players who live and breathe streetball. Three portraits: Joey Haywood (Canada), Ekaterina Bezgedova (Russia), Paul Gudde (Germany). We let them tell their story: A film production with assets for online, social media and events.

‍»Streetball brought me here. So where can Reign take you?«

Ekaterina Bezgedova

»Streetball was always part of me.«

Joey Haywood

»On the court is where I actually feel free.«

Paul Gudde

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