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Red Bull

Neymar Jr's Five

The Task Red Bull and Neymar Jr. are organizing the world's biggest street soccer event. Our task: to promote the event and get soccer players and soccer fans around the world excited about the event, especially men and women from GenZ.

THE SOLUTION Together with the Red Bull Global Marketing team, we created a comprehensive three-phase campaign to activate fans, players and interested parties over a six-month period. For this purpose, we created a variety of gender-tailored assets that reach GenZ users on all relevant channels. Primarily various mobile first social media trailers, Facebook carousels and gifs. But also interactive elements like Instagram polls, story stickers, a chat bot and AR filters. We rounded off the campaign with innovative point of sale assets such as Can Chips or Can Hangers were attached on the Red Bull cans for sale.


We designed trailers for different phases. The first phase makes the audience curious about the event and explains the format. The second encourages football players to participate in the Instagram challenge.


Neymar Jr. invites footballers from all over the world to his tournament. This generated over 8 million views on his Instagram account alone.

An Allrounder

Numerous assets such as media banners, Instagram stickers, GIFs, posts and AR filters ensure lasting awareness of the campaign.

Videri Screen

In addition to classic point of sale assets such as posters and billboards, we also designed new assets such as Videri Screens, Can Hangers and Can Chips that are tailored to a younger target group.

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