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So Easy!

The Task Pilot approached us to design and produce a cool and fun campaign for the target group of young people aged 13-15. The erasability as the USP of the FriXion pens should be in the foreground. Since the spot was broadcast all over Europe, we created a spot that works without voice-over or dialogue in the storyline.

the solution »Made a mistake? Simply erase it! So easy!« Through an exaggerated, fast-paced spot with slapstick elements, we killed several birds with one stone: we achieved attention in social media and reached young people as well as their parents through humor. Monkey was responsible for concept planning, production and post-production. Filming took place at a school in Berlin.

various Video Assets

The campaign aired on TV, social media and in cinemas in 33 European countries, with different cut-downs, formats as well as localized packshots. Besides the main spot, we produced additional edits that were released as original content, such as a chewing gum version or a version with a pressure washer.

different Packshots

To fine-tune the targeting of this awareness campaign and deliver the right information and messages to the right audience, MONKEY developed three different packshots with different voice-overs, products and animations.

multiphase campaign

The original campaign is built upon with later rollouts – such as »Design your FriXion« for the German-speaking market.

Picture of a boy holding a 3D lasergun and erasing his mistakes in an english exam.
concept art of 3D laser gun, sketch
3D Laser

MONKEY designed a 3D laser gun as a gamification element that was tracked into the spot in post-production.

young boy holding prototype laser gun during film production

photo shoot and Point-of-sale

During the shoot, we also organized a photo shoot to generate motifs for all Pilot FriXion point-of-sale assets.

main characters of the pilot campaign holding pilot FriXion pens.
Poster with a girl showing her neighbor a FriXion pen. Text: Write, erase, repeat.
two main characters of the Pilot Frixion campaign holding the pens.
mock-up of point of sale poster hanging in window
Poster showing a boy with a lasergun. Text: Write, erase, repeat.
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