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Gold rush at Yukon river

the task The failure of the candidates is what generally appeals to viewers when it comes to casting shows. The harder the challenges, the bigger the loss of the participants – and the more spectacular the show. So the gold rush at Yukon river really offers everything that the audience is lusting for. So we just have to tell them as clearly as possible and show them what to expect at DMAX.

the solution Each of the twelve candidates has the same dream: A dream of life in the pristine wilderness – and of course of finding gold and getting rich. We are mercilessly tidying up this romantic, glorified idea in our campaign!

Snapchat Lens

We have developed a Snapchat Lens for a B2B competition. The augmented reality app shows the great gold pile known from the spot. The user can walk around it and admire it from all sides. The task: Estimate the number of gold nuggets and win!

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